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Welcome to Computer Nerdz! It isnít your fault that computer manuals are confusing and tech support people speak in difficult to understand technical language. The good news is that our Nerds are here to provide the computer help you need! We help computer users of all ages, whether you are a new user in need of assistance with computer set up or a power user with no time to deal with your computer repair problem.
We provide comprehensive computer services in the San Antonio, TX and Austin, TX areas. Our services include cheap computer repair, laptop repair, virus detection and termination, computer programming help, software installation, hardware and software upgrades, computer training help, computer tech support, email set up and training, internet connection sharing, and preventative maintenance.
Our Nerds do more than just provide computer fixes. We walk you through the process and explain the problem and how it was resolved, so you always have an opportunity to learn something new about your computer at every service call. Our Nerds have training in methods of teaching people to use computers to provide computer training help in clear language that is easy to understand.
We are committed to helping resolve your computer problem and providing the training and computer tech support you need to be comfortable using your computer. Please contact Computer Nerdz! at 1-800-493-NERD for more information or to schedule an appointment for computer help in San Antonio, TX or Austin, TX.
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"Consistent good work from you guys."-Joseph

"NERDZ! Forever! Thank you guys for everything!"-Sharon

"Exceeded expectations and was very helpful!"-John

"You guys are awesome!"-Rm Mechanical