Computer NERDZ! puts Clients first. If your system isn’t working, we’ll do our best to fix it -- small and large jobs. We’ll do everything possible to make sure that the problem is fixed, and you know what we did--in simple clear language. We will even make sure you know how to avoid that problem in the future.

We want to make you more comfortable using your devices. Regardless of your experience, we provide you with the training you need to become more comfortable using them. We know the frustration when things don’t work the way you want them to, and we want you to be happy - whether it’s a laptop on your kitchen table or a system with many computers, routers, servers, and printers.

The manuals don’t help, the tech support people speak another language, and your computer still doesn’t work!

We’ve been here since 1993, and want you to benefit from our decades of experience.

Computer NERDZ! of Austin, L.P.

Drew GerlachComputer Nerd

Philip RobertsonSenior Professional Nerd

Ivan SpruiellSenior Professional Nerd

Computer NERDZ! of San Antonio, L.P.

Cameron ForwardComputer Nerd

Dillon MartinComputer Nerd

When I get into computer trouble, I always call for a Nerd.


Brian has a good personality & gets along very well with people.


I don't know what I would do without you guys!


When You Need Immediate Attention, Contact Us

Call 1-800-493-NERD For Fast Repair!

Former Nerds

The following people are no longer employed by Computer NERDZ! but they are certainly not forgotten.

We thank each of them for the contributions they gave to the Team.

Ken Aldrich

David Anderson

LeRon Atkins

Stella Baker

Louis Benavides

Ed Berg

Daniel Blumentritt

Abe Botbol

Brenden Bowles

Craig Burke

Chad Carmichael

Mick Carson

Brian Chmiola

Eddie Clough

Vince Collier

Mark Collins

Douglass Colzani

David Cuellar

Stacey Cummings

Russell Demetree

Matthew Dingeman

Shawn Dodd

Seville Drewfs

Randy Dykstra

Jeremy Emack

Jameson Fehlhaber

Marco Fernandez

William Finke

Wayne Finnigan

JD Fleming

Henry Flores

Ed French

John Gargotta

Chaz Garrett

Kristine Gentry

Tony Ginko

Lance Grant

Chris Griffin

Dave Hamilton

Jessica Hankins

Mary Hernandez

Matt Herndon

Dondi Hinds

Laura Ingle

Jeff Keivlan

Steven King

Dan Kissner

Renee Lester

Rob Lewis

Steven Ley

Vic Lovan

Gary Lucas

Ted Marchut

Dillon Martin

Kate Menchaca

Ashley Mikulenka

Ed Mingus

Alvaro Monterrosa

Paul Murray

Donna Philbrick

Chris Phillips

Lisa Purchansky (Hamilton)

Louise Raphael

Ryan Reid

Lee Ridout II

Lewis Robin

Robin Lynn Robin

Russel Rosenberg

Jennifer Sallot

Paul Sanders

Clifford Shelton

Brett Sheriff

John Sims

Bruce Snow

Willie Sparrow

Raquenel Stephens

Robert Stevens

Jesse Tatro

Jason Tram

Minn Tran

Jonathan Vasek

Connor Veale

Colin Welch

Karen Wells

Cale Wilson

Johnny Wilson

Eric Zahn

Chuck Zelade



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